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How to increase blog traffic – 101 Popular Strategies In Urdu / English

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How to increase blog traffic – 101 Popular Strategies In Urdu / English

How to increase blog traffic : An online business requires high traffic for everyone. Blogging also depends entirely on traffic. The more traffic the blog has, the more popular and better the blog will be. In this post, I am going to tell you 101 easy ways to increase blog traffic, by following which you can increase your blog traffic by 100%.

If there is no traffic on the blog then it is of no use. Value is what people greet. Likewise, if your blog has 100 articles and good traffic, your blog will be better than any blog with 500 posts.

I’ve already written a lot of posts about blog traffic, read them once. In all these posts, I have explained how to increase the traffic of the blog.

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In addition to these, you will find many more articles on Support Media to increase blog traffic. For this you can read our SEO related post. I promise you will find good information to increase blog traffic to our site and you will learn something.

In this post, I’m going to tell you about 101 easy, popular ways you can easily follow and increase your blog traffic. So if you really want to see fast traffic to your blog then read the points made in this post in full and follow it as much as possible.

How to increase blog traffic? 101 Popular Ways

What we don’t do is drive traffic to our blog, but we always make mistakes. Whatever information we get about increasing blog traffic, we read it but don’t act on it. So please don’t ignore after reading this post and try to follow as many steps as possible.

Part 1: Write high quality content

  1. Use high-ranking keywords – Write a post using highly searched keywords.
  2. Create great articles – Write the best articles that visitors can read after viewing once you become a fan

Max. Write a maximum word post – To get more traffic from search engines, a post should have at least 2000 words. If you use fewer words then the dream of getting traffic from search engines is lost.

  1. Write short downloadable posts. You can also write short posts but short posts should have good and excellent information from 10 big posts. For example, you can tell about any strategy.
  2. Write new topics – Always share information that is rare on the Internet.
  3. Write to your readers – Write a new post to suit your visitors.
  4. Write Your Success Story – You also wrote letters about ways to make your blog a success.
  5. Write about social media – People are more active on social media, so write posts on social media.
  6. Write down your income – share your income report. Visitors love it the most and it gives them new strength to work hard.
  7. Ask your readers about a new post – Ask your audience what they like and write a post about what they like.
  8. Write the most popular content to your blog – Write letters to visitors about the most popular articles about your blog.
  9. Interview with another blogger. Interview other bloggers and publish it on your blog.
  10. Write about the best related blog – Write posts about other popular blogs related to your blog.
  11. Write about celebrities – Happy New Year and post about other celebrities.
  12. Write about your thoughts – share your thoughts with your readers so they can understand you better.

Part 2: Use eye-catching photographs

  1. Use eye-catching images – Use the best images in blog posts. The user is able to see you.
  2. Add Pinterest Buttons to Images – Add Pinterest Buttons to Images so users can share your photos.
  3. Add Social Buttons to Photos – In addition to the PIN test, you can add Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Share buttons to photos.
  4. Create a clear image – Use as much clear image as possible in the blog post, which is required in the content of the blog post. Use of junk images lowers search rankings.
  5. Just take selfies and use free stock images – use your own created and free stock website images in a blog post. Do not use copyrighted images.

Part 3: Social media helps drive more traffic

  1. Create a Google Plus Page – Create a Google+ page for your blog and share your new posts on it.
  2. Create a Facebook Page – Create a Facebook page with the name of your blog and share all the blog posts on it.
  3. Tweet all your posts – Share all the posts on your blog on Twitter.
  4. Add the latest tweet widget – Add the latest post widget of your Twitter account to the blog’s sidebar.
  5. Use the social media share button – share social media in a blog post

Use tons. So that the user can share your post.

  1. Add Social Media Follow Widget – Add social media follow widget to the blog.
  2. Regular Pin Images Other Blog – Also share photos from other blogs on your Pinestist account so you can find out more.

To gain followers.

  1. Comments on other blogs – Comment on other blog posts so you can get backlinks.
  2. Follow all other bloggers – Follow other bloggers on social media so you know about their activity.
  3. Active on social networking sites – Stay active on social sites for a while and keep in touch with your followers.

Part 4: Guest post and interview

  1. Start a guest post on your blog – Also share guest posts on your blog. This will get you traffic and increase the content of your site.
  2. Share guest posts on other blogs – Share guest posts on other blogs that are popular and related to your blog.
  3. Interview on another blog – Interview other people and tell readers about yourself.
  4. Create a free blog – If you are a self-hosted blogger, create a free blog and share your blog post on it.

Share the link on another blog. Add a link to your site on another blog related to your blog.

Part 5: SEO – Search Engine Optimization

  1. Make your blog SEO friendly – Make your blog completely SEO friendly.
  2. Set All Settings – Make complete blog settings and remove extra items in the blog.
  3. Create a designed blog – Design the blog well so that visitors like the design of your blog and want to visit your website in the future.
  4. Include internal and external links in a blog post – When writing a post on a blog, be sure to include a link to another post in your blog post and add Linux to the site. This increases the search ranking of the blog.
  5. Use Keyword Research Tools – To use advanced keywords in a blog post, add keyword research tools. In my case, I use the Summers tool.
  6. Find ideas for new posts – To find new posts on blogs, you can use any online post title maker site such as: – Hubble Blogs
  7. Submit Site to Google – Submit your blog to Google Search Console.
  8. Submit a Site to Bing – Like Google, the site must be submitted to a Bing search engine.
  9. Submit a blog to all search engines – Submit your site to all search engines and complete your site with SEO.
  10. Create a sitemap for your blog – Create a sitemap for your blog.
  11. ​​Submit Sitemap to Google Webmaster – Once you’ve created your sitemap, submit it to Google Webmaster Tools.
  12. Submit Sitemap to Bing Webmaster – Add Blog Sitemap to Bing Webmaster Tools.
  13. Submit the site to Alexa – Submit the site to Alexa to increase the site’s electric rank.
  14. Use Yoast SEO Plugin – Use the yoast SEO plugin if your site is on WordPress, this plugin is number 1 in the world for SEO.
  15. Use keywords in the title of the post – Use 1-2 high quality keywords in the title of the blog post, this will put your post in the top ranking in search engines.
  16. Use Keywords in Post Content – The more keywords you can use in postmint, the more keywords you will include in postmint, the better your post’s search ranking will be.
  17. Submit your site to Yandex – Also submit a blog to Yandex Webmaster.
  18. Configure the site on Google Authorship – Link your site to Google Authorship.
  19. Submit your site to Pinterest – Submit your site to Pinterest.
  20. Use 50-70 characters in the post title – Use a minimum of 50 to 70 words in the title of the blog post.
  21. Use headings in the post – Use 1-2 headings in the post, this will make the search robot understand your post quickly.
  22. Highlight Posttop Words – Highlight keywords at the top of post content.
  23. Write negative content – use words like don’t read it, don’t show it in a blog post, readers read more posts like this.
  24. Add Summary of Post – 3 to 4 lines about the post at the end of the post, be sure to include information about this post.

Part 6: Email Marketing

  1. Add Email Service – Launch FeedBurner, Aweber and any other email service for the blog so your visitors can find information about your new post.
  2. Add a Subscribe Widget – Add a Subscribe Widget to people so your readers can subscribe to your blog.
  3. Change Delivery Time – Change the delivery time of email according to your audience, when most visitors come to your site. This will get you more email clicks.

. Daily. Set up email delivery content – If the visitor gets notified of your new post, what should it show, customize it all.

. 65 Show only summary in email message – email message

Just send a summary of the post in M, if the content of your entire post is shown in the email then no one will visit your site because everyone will read the whole post in the mail. Himself

  1. Ask Your Readers To Subscribe To Your Blog – Ask Your Visitors To Subscribe To Your Blog.
  2. Include a Confirmation Message in the Subscribe Widget – Bloggers who use FeedBurner’s free mail service on the blog should include a confirmation message in their blog’s subscription widget so that the user can confirm the email when you subscribe ۔
  3. Add Simple Subscribe

Free Stock Websites – If you know how to create a good image, then you can share your image on a website that downloads free images, and in the photo you add a link to your site so that whatever your He will use the icon. On your website. You will definitely know about it.

  1. Create a Q&A form for your site – Create a Q&A forum with your site name. You can create a quiz site on Yahoo.
  2. Offer for your blog – To increase the traffic of your blog, you can offer your visitors and friends how many visitors you can offer them, thus, new visitors to your Facebook, Twitter Can connect to the site.
  3. Admin request from all visitors – Finally, I would like to tell you that I also share information about increasing blog traffic on Support Media, you can visit our blog and information about increasing blog traffic. Can get, so I request you to please see the support media. .

By the way, the tips I have given you in this post will be useful in increasing the traffic to your blog. In this post, I have tried to give as many free ideas as possible and briefly explain each one that you can easily understand and follow.


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